Web Enabled Applications

Oscura specialise in the production of Web Enabled Applications. Integrating your existing back-office systems with your website will allow your business to adapt to the benefits of increased Internet usage - without the need to replace your legacy applications. By broadening the access to specific areas of your data you can extend your business onto your website to increase your revenue and increase efficiencies in data management.

Using the best of existing and new technologies will allow your customers to access data relevant to them in a secure and straight-forward manner, using web browser technology they are already comfortable with. For example a web enabled application may allow your customers to order directly through the website and for you to immediately trace and track orders in one place - through your office based data system.

Our approach will ensure smooth integration with your legacy data systems and make better use of your data to increase its value to you:

  • Assessment of your existing business systems to determine the approach and benefits of web integration
  • Provide a project specification describing integration technologies and methods
  • Delivery of pre-launch prototype to enable efficiency testing
  • Launch and support your web enabled solution

Oscura's web enablement of your established or new applications gives you a distinct advantage over your competitors and the same time reduce your workload and overheads.

To discuss website application development please contact us.

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