Website Security

The exposure of your business on the World Wide Web brings a new threat to your business systems. Your website is in the public domain and is therefore more vulnerable than your company's back office systems. You will have taken steps to protect your office from unauthorised access, but how can you prevent attacks on your website and databases? The majority of websites suffer from varying ranges of vulnerabilities. You may not be aware that your website needs continual attention to prevent risk from undesirable attacks. Oscura is constantly assessing all new potential risks on your behalf.

Oscura can ensure maximum availability and security for your website. Oscura provide a full range of web security solutions for operating systems and web servers. A selection of our security services includes advice on firewalls, penetration testing, data protection and web application analysis.

At the web application level, our code analysis services check and protect against a wide range of application weaknesses that can be exploited by hackers committing cyber crime, such as:

  • Form field manipulation
  • Parameter Alteration
  • Cookies Alteration
  • Forced Browsing

If you have any concerns about the vulnerability of your systems then talk to Oscura's highly experienced staff to arrange an independent check-up.

To discuss website security services please contact us.